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Poppy Lawman Ren Brush Series No 7
Poppy Lawman Ren Brush Series No 7

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Poppy Lawman Ren Brush Series No 7

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Throughout this last year, the pandemic has been at the forefront for many, and born out of this constant focus on hygiene and cleanliness came to evolve this series that focused on the new prevalence of the modern hand washing ritual. Ren is a series of hand lather brushes that endeavor to create a more enjoyable handwashing experience. The shapes are rounded as if formed by running water and the surface is burned in an act called Shou Sugi Ban. An age old manner of creating a naturally water repellent surface through burning the top grain layer. This series of objects is made to be intriguing not only as utilitarian objects but as sculptural forms. Objects to be enjoyed in and out of use.


(The Ren series is 100% Biodegradable)

  • Shou-sugi-ban Oak, Beeswax, Linen, & Ebony horse hair.

  • 20 cm x 10 cm x 11cm

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