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Hanna Heino BOTANY No 05
Hanna Heino BOTANY No 05
Hanna Heino BOTANY No 05

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Hanna Heino BOTANY No 05

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”Botany” is a series playing with various subtle textures and delicate forms. The creations bind us deeply to the ground. Unique details and lively surfaces let the light and shadows wander through

the curves, like in our natural surroundings. Sculptures’ organic forms are continuously changing

depending on the angle.

Every artwork is made by hand using coiling technique and raw stoneware clay. Surfaces are treated with various methods, allowing own character to every sculpture, each one different from each other.

”BOTANY” - Subtle expression of living forms

Color: Beige with natural white firesand on top Measurements: 18x18x13cm