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Noorstad, Ruut, Solid Oak
Noorstad, Ruut, Solid Oak
Noorstad, Ruut, Solid Oak

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Noorstad, Ruut, Solid Oak

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Square Solid
Massive, heavy, solid blocks of oak.

We have chosen to work with only local Danish wood such as douglas and oak.
They have very different characters and call for different shapes and treatments.

The solid squares come in oak and blackened oak. The dense and classic character of oak calls for clean and monolithic forms.

We have given the squares as little shape as possible, keeping the feeling of solid wood, yet aiming for different expressions.

We use the solid items primarily as small tables as we like the flexibility and the airy feeling of smaller tables used in combination with each other. This is also why you will not find any coffee tables in the Noorstad collection.

Please note: In the proces of drying, the wood will naturally crack.
This is an intended part of the design, and as the season and temperature changes over time the wood may continue to work.