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Interior Consultation

At ARK we deliver a bespoke service founded on high standards and craftsmanship, infused with our philosophy. With many years of experience in interiors for residential and commercial projects, consulting and styling for international brands, our team can create, curate and emulate the complete experience of ARK




Residential projects


We’ll create a place you never tire of waking up to and an environment that works to restore you at the end of each day. By creating a space that provides you with a positive sense of home it can recalibrate your mind, nurture your senses and improve your feeling of wellbeing.

Whether a family space or otherwise, we bring the attention to detail needed to provide a nurturing home environment that works to meet the needs of the individual Client.

Minimising clutter whilst maintaining the essentials, we achieve warmth in a simply designed space that improves the enjoyment of using your home.


Commercial projects


Whether your aim is to increase productivity, create a calm workplace, maximize the use of space, increase employee satisfaction or all of the above, we can achieve this by thinking laterally about the working environment.

Whether a tech company, start-up hub, collaborative workspace, spa, agency, restaurant or hotel, we will transform your workplace by creating balance and a natural ambience that promotes workplace wellbeing.


Interior styling


ARK is collaborating with photographers and filmmakers

The unique talent of our team will bring your creative commercial project to life, styling products and interiors to create innovative visual content for your brand. A well styled image, whether still or moving, is an invaluable asset for a brand and provides a cohesive narrative.



Design feeling

ARK aim to create spaces that are as nourishing as they are visually pleasing, both calming and energising, balancing function with form.

We know good design feeds the senses. As organic foods nourish you from within, organic scents, sounds and materials nourish all five senses. Stark minimalism is replaced by subtle sensory stimulation in a functional room that can be worn in many ways.