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Welcome to Valvet, a serene space to inspire and influence.
Each piece in this space is considered for its intrinsic value, how it contributes to the environment it sits within and the objects that surround it. Furniture exists to envelop the human body or serve its true purpose, whilst also collaborating with its surroundings to create a series of pictures and vistas for the eye to enjoy.

This space has a multi purpose and just like ARK itself it holds many titles - The shop, The studio and The showroom.
All pieces that meets the eye is for sale.

art - interior - vintage - decor - pieces

ARK's unique space, shop, gallery and destination is located in one of Gothenburg’s oldest buildings. This 400 year old building boasts of vaulted ceilings, arched windows, white washed stone walls, pillars, and sand stone floor - still in its original shape.

Our approach to interior is artisanal and thoughtful and we want this specific space to convey a quiet, peaceful and yet dramatic atmosphere. Here where the historical heritage is contrasted against the modern designs, exquisite curiosities, rare antique finds, unique and limited edition pieces, all from a carefully curated edit of both local and international designers and artists. The artistic expression between artists, designers and creatives is always present, showcased in a perfect symbiotic relationship. Our ever-evolving collection grows continuously just as our passion to compose intriguing holistic ambiances, where furniture, scents, lighting and art exist in chorus, embodying the compelling serenity we represent.

Welcome to experience, explore and devour

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