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A calm background for the creative mind


Vaulted ceiling, white washed pillars and original stone floor creates an astonishing backdrop and a blank canvas for design, art, interior design and vintage.




At Valvet (The Vault) you get a setting and backdrop that gives your brand a push, with very simple measures. This 400 year old pearl in its original form is one of Gothenburg’s old- est remaining buildings, Radheska Huset (1669). With vaulted ceilings that creates an impressive shadow play, and a stone floor that reveals its history, the location in its simplicity, proudly speaks of quality as well as sustain- ability.

In this space we place brands, designers, and artists in a relevant context. With a clarity that underlines our vision in a thoughtful and artistic way.




There are no limits to what can be created in this space. It has been called The Shop, The Studio, The Showroom, and The Gallery. We are excited to see what more it can be.

Are you searching for a unique space to photography your next campaign in? Or a tranquil environment to present your next launch in?

The space lends itself to use as a blank canvas for various purposes.

Let us know about your ideas!