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”Behind the brand ’’Ark& sits a strong and experienced number of professionals with a shared passion of bringing the company’s vision into realisation. The core is a small but hard working dynamic and entrepreneurial team that comes together offering different areas of expertise within all areas of operations and execution ”


- Johanna Silver - Founder Ark &



The founder, JOHANNA SILVER's creative core and curious mindset has led to more than a decade of travels, exploring and experiencing the corners of the world.

Back in Sweden her journey continues with a mission to create and deliver something extraordinary, with focus on design, art, interior fashion and beauty. ARK presents a space that convey a timeless and beautiful atmosphere, where the minimalistic tones and modernity are contrasted against rare antique finds and exquisite curiosities.




ARK spaces - Valvet, the shop showroom and destination, in the heart of Gothenburg, offers unique and limited edition pieces, from carefully curated selections by both local and international designers and artists. This is a unique place to meet, mingle and devour and ARK aim is - to continue to surprise, to amaze, celebrating object d’art.