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ARK presents a couple of dynamic destinations and our aim is to surprise and amaze, celebrating object d’art. we offer a space to experience and engage, inspire and influence. Explore our world filled with of artists and artisans, designers and creatives.

– The Apartment is our a shop in context, built as the home we love.

– The Vault is our gallery and creative studio.

Each piece in our space is considered for its intrinsic value, how it contributes to the environment it inhabits and the objects that surround it




We believe that we need to engage emotions around everything we do and surround ourselves with, we need to feel more, be more.

We no longer search for things that simply looks good, the emotions around each piece is for us what brings meaning, substance and a depth to our surroundings. As much as the exquisit design is important, we also believe that the story behind the pieces is what brings out the true emotions.

We live to work, we love to work and our passion is our guide and fuel. We challenge the market with our innovative and forever curious mindset and our aim is to inspire and encourage a slow, sustainable and thoughtful pace of consumerism.