Wetterling Gallery

When our way of life almost overnight was put on hold, we were all forced to stop and question the life we previously took for granted.



WG.105 Group Exhibition
In Search Of A Future To Come
September 3 – October 17, 2020



In March, during the most chaotic weeks caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, we invited our Nordic artists to participate in a group exhibition. Not knowing what the future would hold and the uncertain development of the pandemic, we asked them to contribute to an exhibition centering around this collective situation.


The exhibition is titled with inspiration from Marcel Proust’s masterpiece, In search of lost time, which he mainly wrote while in quarantine in his Paris apartment due to a lung disease. Challenging times can often bring out new ideas and lead to something good. Already, the world has changed. Much that previously seemed impossible is becoming possible in these new times.




The aim of the exhibition is to create an artistic time capsule and to gather a receipt for these disrupting months.





The exhibition will be on display from September 4 - October 17, with an opening reception taking place on September 3, from 1 - 8 PM.

Please follow the regulations from the The Public Health Agency and note that no more than 25 people (at the time) will be let into the gallery. If possible, visit us during the day as we have prolonged our opening reception hours. 

If you wish to secure your entrance, you can always book a slot time in advance by emailing osa@wetterlinggallery.com.