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udiso by Sigge Billgren


Sigfrid (Sigge) Billgren is born in Gothenburg and son of the renowned artist couple Ernst and Helene Billgren.
At the Billgren household you’ll find that art is always present, that creativity constantly flows through the air, and when this unique mirror came to mind, Sigge simply knew that this piece had to be created. It was something so much more than just a rough sketch to the forever growing pile of scribbled papers, and as his father always stated, you can’t just sit and wait to get inspired, if you want something to happen, you will have to work it out yourself.


- udiso is my vision of timeless, artisanal craftsmanship, Sigge explains, inspired by the Swedish heydays in the 20’s and 30’s, a time where Mirrors had a certain attitude, the frame was the beautiful artwork and the center piece that captivated the room. An important essence that I somehow feel has been replaced by simplicity and functionality. I have always been fascinated by this particular era, its history of design and this is why I want to bring to life again.


The shape of Udiso is inspired by the soft curves from the shoreline of the Swedish archipelago, where everything has a natural and genuine flow. Like the stones and seashells washed up from sea where no pattern is like another, they may look alike, but examined more closely, they’re different, each with that little spark of individuality.


We are proud to introduce this artwork, in shape of a mirror by Sigge Billgren. We hope you love it as much as we do.