Staffan Holm

Why we love Staffan Holm is not only because his a genius when it comes to design and art. It's because he is so much more. The inspiring text in his own words says it all.


"My fascination has always been about the poetry of crafts as well as of the wonders of new technology since they are both essential ingredients for the development of society. For me, really great design have never been all about the practical functions, but more about the emotional ones, more about commitment and attachment. Art or design? Well, does it really matter? All I know is that mass produced artefacts seldom really get the chance to root in our lives before new ones take their place. We need get attached and fall in love, head over heels. I work with some of the best craftsmen in Sweden to meet the demands of my mission. My mission is to create design with more of the human qualities, that is: good, evil, emotion, humor, and a sense of a life of its own."


Staffan Holm design studio is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. The studio is working with interior architecture, industrial design and furniture design.
The studio’s most important pursuit is to create projects that touch and engage with design, having one foot in tradition and the other breaking new ground. The most important part of the design and architecture philosophy is that truly great design is never just about practical functions, but much more about the emotional ones.