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Poppy Lawman Brush KLOSS Nature M

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Poppy Lawman Brush KLOSS Nature M

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Universal brush for dry use.

A celebration of the raw beauty of wood grain and the deliscious textures of natural fibers. A sculpture to be enjoyed in and out of use.


The Kloss series is a collection of sculptural brushes highlighting and celebrating materialism. From sensuous form to texture they celebrate the individuality and pleasurability of the materials they are made from. Long ribboning wood grains from Oak, Ash heartwood, and Shou Sugi Ban Oak pair together with ebony / ivory horsehair and golden amber coconut fibers.  Objects that call out for you to draw your fingers along and through to experience their contrasting tactile surfaces. A series that plays with function and sculpture for an object to be enjoyed in and out of use.

(The Kloss series is 100% Biodegradable)

The shapes of each piece are formed of rolling curves almost as if formed by running water, like that of stones beside a running river. The blackened oak is torched in an act called shou sugi ban, with their top layer burnt to form a natural, water protective layer. A time old manner of protecting wood from the elements.


  • Series: Kloss
    Use: Universal dry use Materials: Shou Sugi Ban Oak + Ebony Horse Hair