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Poppy Lawman

Poppy Lawman is a designer based in Oslo, Norway, where she focuses on making thoughtful slow designs and objects whose goal is to connect one to their actions, to their surroundings, and endeavour to promote living in the moment. Part sculpture and part utilitarian, the objects are made to be enjoyed in and out of use dancing the line of art and design for a slower, more connective way of living. Born within the rolling hills of Hampshire, England she is based in the fjord side city of Oslo, Norway.

In current society it is often easy to lose connection and understanding of where, what, and how an object is made. We as humans are naturally curious creatures, and this curiosity is what helps us to explore, discover, and build connections. Transparency of process or opening up the story of how something is made or highlighting what it is made from can be very connective and add greater value to these objects than someone previously had. My goal is to create objects that appeal not just to the brain but to the heart as well. Objects that aren’t discarded on a whim but have a story and ethos that you can believe in. Objects that promote wellbeing for ourselves and that which surrounds us: each other and the planet.



At ARK Poppy Presents two series:


The Kloss series is a collection of sculptural brushes highlighting and celebrating materialism. From sensuous form to texture they celebrate the individuality and pleasurability of the materials they are made from. Long ribboning wood grains from Oak, Ash heartwood, and Shou Sugi Ban Oak pair together with ebony / ivory horsehair and golden amber coconut fibers.  Objects that call out for you to draw your fingers along and through to experience their contrasting tactile surfaces. A series that plays with function and sculpture for an object to be enjoyed in and out of use.

Throughout this last year, the pandemic has been at the forefront for many, and born out of this constant focus on hygiene and cleanliness came to evolve this series that focused on the new prevalence of the modern hand washing ritual. Ren is a series of hand lather brushes that endeavor to create a more enjoyable handwashing experience. The shapes are rounded as if formed by running water and the surface is burned in an act called Shou Sugi Ban. An age old manner of creating a naturally water repellent surface through burning the top grain layer. This series of objects is made to be intriguing not only as utilitarian objects but as sculptural forms. Objects to be enjoyed in and out of use.

(Both series is 100% Biodegradable)