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Pihl Strehl


"Our goal is to launch items that you don't find in every department store world wide. We have a reduced yet unique design at the highest quality - sustainable products for your home, that last for years"


Pihl Strehl was established 2018 by Swedish friends Alexandra Ogonowski and Carolina Winther Pihl. With their minimalistic design and products in the highest quality they have created something unique and truly loveable.

For us at ARK it's important to underline that beauty goes so much further than how something look. Beauty is how something makes us feel. The texture of the soft mohair combined with the highest quality of the wool brings out the luxury feel whilst at the same time makes it shred less and become more durable.






We are proud to be the first space in Sweden to offer Pihl Strehl's wonderful throws, you can access their entire collection here at ARK.