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T H E   G R E E N H O U S E

A visual documentation of a relationship over one year






We have a greenhouse in our garden


Not so much a greenhouse, more a retirement home for a well travelled, much used, Ukranian upright piano which turned up with a baggage of musical memories.




The dilapidated glass shell is a shelter, of sorts, to two more guests, in the form of grapevines. The piano came here to rest and the vines to bear fruit. We have a mutual understanding; we do not interfere with their existence and they do not demand any unnecessary care or special treatment. As such, the piano has settled down to a carefree life in the company of the vines.

This passive symbiosis will probably continue until one of the deciding factors alters. The vines die, the piano or the greenhouse collapses, or we move away.

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