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by Alexa HotzPhotographed by Hanna Tveite The best of both worlds. That’s the allure of the modern epicene. Where the boundaries of man and woman dissolve and the familiarity of identity is entirely superannuated, that is where the modern woman (wo/man) emerges. The idea isn’t hard-lined. In fact, it’s the most honest, open, and do-whatever-wear-whatever approach possible. (And isn’t that the most modern thing you can imagine?) The simultaneity of masculine and feminine is interesting. It’s men’s shirting and sheer stretch knits and glossy silk and wool car coats. Or at least that’s the idea, specifically, behind Vince’s fall collection: the sensuality and intelligence of modern feminine/masculine dress. Styled here on Veronika (who bears a striking resemblance to Swiss journalist Annemarie Schwarzenbach),...

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Lessons in Foraging

In Pursuit of the Wild:Lessons in Foraging from Evan Strusinski By Alexa HotzPhotographed by Jon Levitt and Oliver Fernandez For most of the year, Evan Strusinski lives in Maine, but moves “itinerantly with the seasons” from Pennsylvania through New York and New England. That’s because Strusinski is a forager, and has been foraging wild foods professionally for a decade, delivering them to the eager chefs of some of New York’s top restaurants. It’s a good gig, especially for Strusinski who got involved a young age. Growing up in rural Vermont, he spent summers learning to forage and butcher, among other skills, at a camp called Farm & Wilderness, and came under the influence of two friends “whose enthusiasm in searching for,...

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