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Sustainable Materials


Materials are an important factor in our work. Creating a solid base to work upon is the foundation to any good design. We are becoming increasingly aware that in a world where our resources are precious, that we, as a design studio need to start making a change. With concrete being a favourite material within our aesthetic we were really pleased to discover that a group of young scientist at Imperial College, London are developing a more sustainable alternative.

Previously unsuitable because of its smooth and fine texture, Desert Sand has not been used as a construction grade sand before. The composite material named Finite, uses a binder (it’s exact element, a closely guarded secret!) which opens opportunity for use of much finer powders allowing us to tap in to previously un-usable resources to create a material as strong as concrete, but with less than half the carbon foot print.

One of Finite’s many attributes is its biodegradable and recyclable qualities; the material can be broken down or reused many times over. Due to its versatile structure it can be moulded and formed into a variety of forms and finishes. With progression to resin casting, Finite will be an ideal alternative for crafting design items such as bowls and vases. With the use of natural dyes added to produce colour, this is a real step forward for a more eco conscious design practice.


As society moves towards more sustainable living, and more and more people are making mindful decisions to help us make a change to the way we treat the earth, the design industry needs to follow suit. It is these new developing materials that are going to make a difference in our sector and we at ARK strongly support any progression towards sustainable design.