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Helene Kask

  We proudly present this new designer to the ARK family, Helene Kask. Each piece in her collection is handmade using carefully selected natural elements. Nature is forever present, and the emotions she presents in her jewellery transcends into poetry to us.     Enormous detail and care that goes into each and every piece made by Helene. So far you have seen her artistic pieces, but in our shop we also have pieces from her jewellery brand, all made by hand.  3 rings from the Pearl collection.          

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ARK Moves - Slaughter House Part 1

Adandoned spaces, forgotten gems and unapreciated destinations -  Follow ARK Moves to open your eyes to the beauty around us, the beauty no ones sees and see the transformation in our vision. 

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History of chairs

The Object Portraits:A Solid Foundation The history of modern design can be told through its chairs. These ubiquitous elements not only ground people to their environments but also are among the first and most enduring reflections of technical breakthroughs, material advancements, aesthetic trends, and cultural shifts. They set the tone for a space, build the base of a home, and are worthy of close observation. “A chair is a very difficult object,” said Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.“A skyscraper is almost easier. That is why Chippendale is famous.” Mies met the challenge with seats such as his iconic Barcelona lounge, and to this day, few architects and designers can resist trying to distill an entire design philosophy into an object...

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Shadow play

SHADOW | PLAY Shadow play is an ancient form of storytelling yet to us it's a form of artistic enhancement born from the mesmerising connection between a source of light and the object itself. The powerful yet insignificant shapes produced by a body coming between rays of light and a surface creates the ..... The shadows miss interpreted reference as proximity, ominous oppressiveness is to us the contrary, the soft, understated....

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Sustainable Materials

Materials are an important factor in our work. Creating a solid base to work upon is the foundation to any good design. We are becoming increasingly aware that in a world where our resources are precious, that we, as a design studio need to start making a change. With concrete being a favourite material within our aesthetic we were really pleased to discover that a group of young scientist at Imperial College, London are developing a more sustainable alternative. Previously unsuitable because of its smooth and fine texture, Desert Sand has not been used as a construction grade sand before. The composite material named Finite, uses a binder (it’s exact element, a closely guarded secret!) which opens opportunity for use of much finer powders allowing us...

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